Google Sky Map

Justine sent me a free Android phone that she got in a trade in deal. I have it set as a pay as you go.

I don’t have it set for data as I don’t believe in spending $50 a month to read my email on the bus. The phone is quite nice except for the tendency to run out the battery even when it is turned off.

I downloaded, at my friend Don’s suggestion, Google Sky Map and I must say it is the neatest app that I have ever heard of. You hold up the phone and it shows a sky map in the direction you are pointing. Tonight Venus and Jupiter were in the sky, but you can never be sure what you are looking at. The app showed clearly which star was Jupiter and which was Venus.

When I first loaded it, it was all screwed up. It showed everything 90 degrees out of whack. I fixed it by going into settings/apps/all/Google Sky Map, stopped the app and cleared the cache and all data. When I restarted the app it worked just fine.