Book Sales

My book sales have died down. I made about $35 in January from royalties and I don’t expect to do better for a while.

I sold 4 books in England and one in Germany.

I have three books nearly done as far as formatting, but I haven’t submitted them to Amazon. I have yet to sell any copies of Frogs in Aspic, so I don’t feel that there is really any need to do more Science Fiction. I still have a harmonica book in the works and a I started copying chapters from my bee blog, but they require more work than I have time for. I have been busy at my job and don’t have time to sneak in some personal work during the day.

I have lots of other stuff that I’ve written that might sell. I could publish my stuff on harmonica amps. There are no books on harp amps out there. It would have to be a large format book with lots of pictures and schematics.