Cuevana 403 Access Denied Fix

I was randomly blogging about using 403 access denied to deny spammers from my blog and during testing I wound up blocking myself (stupid). Once I fixed it, I wound up getting a very large number of hits from people trying to access Cuevana.TV, which is a website in Argentina for downloading Movies and TV shows.

As a result of the recent brouhaha about megauploads, Argentina decided to block Cuevana, but they did it by deleting the DNS entry to the site from their DNS servers to cause a 403 access denied error. They did it on the same day that I complained about my 403 errors. Google started throwing traffic at me.

I started receiving questions by email. I wound up using the post to explain to people how to get use the Google DNS in order to fix the problem. I am getting more hits than ever. Too bad I don’t make any money off of the site.

Cuevana 403 Access Denied Fix | Blogs Eye.