Monthly Archives: December 2011

Bee Date

About $600 worth of bees will arrive on April 8th. I am looking forward to getting these installed and I hope to be selling honey a few months later.

Komoona Advertising

I am experimenting with Komoona to try and sell ads on this a couple of sites. I am selling ads on the blog and on I got in trouble with Google because I discuss ads here and had to take Google off the site. I have been looking for another ad provider so I […]

How to stop cats pissing on your car

I am going to start working on this and put them all over the house. How to stop cats pissing on your car, The best cat video ever! – Craig Turner – YouTube.

Merry Christmas

Here’s some pictures of my friend Robert Peloquin. He IS Santa Claus. His white hair and beard and red nose like a cherry are not fake. He is a right jolly old elf.

The Hobbit movie

I never believed that Lord of the Rings would make a good movie, and I only watched a few minutes of any of them before giving up in disgust. I have always, however, thought that The Hobbit could be cut down into a story that would be right for the silver screen. The Hobbit is […]

Cats for Gold and related sites and Check them out.

Playing Sonny Boy’s Help me Number 1 on Amazon

If you search for Blues Harp on Amazon under Kindle Store, my book, Playing Help Me in the Style of Sonny Boy Williamson, II shows up as #1. I am starting to get a few sales for the book and I expect to get more as soon as everyone gets their Kindles for Christmas. Check […]


MAST 9 – THE INVASION (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – YouTube. This is dumb – but it’s filmed at Bluefields, an abandoned WWI army training camp in Blauvelt, NY, near where I grew up. Bluefields is really cool and weird, with miles of tunnels and ruined structures. Video is only cool because of Bluefields