Amazing Stories

Steve Davidson has somehow come into ownership of one of the most storied titles in Science Fiction. Amazing Stories, the magazine started in 1926 by the man who invented the word Science Fiction, is now the sole property of Steve. He was able to acquire the trademark by luck and sheer balls. Hugo Gernsback would be proud.

He plans to restart the zine and is now looking for help in the form of editors, slush readers and gophers of all sorts. I, for one, inspired to write an old style pulp story replete with bug eyed aliens and scantily clad girls with ray guns.

I have talked with Steve a few times and we have pretty much the same taste in Golden age Science Fiction. (I am working my way through A Bertram Chandler’s books because Steve is such a fan.)

By a weird coincidence, I had registered a few years ago when I was editing a SF magazine (Astounding Tales). I let it go because I thought that the trademark owners would never let me use it.

Amazing Stories Trademark Granted - Working on Resurrecting the Mag | The Crotchety Old Fan.