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JG Ballard’s House For Sale

One of my favorite writers died in 2009. His house is now up for sale, quite cheap, too. The downside is that you’d have to live in Shepperton, England. There is no “for sale” sign outside the house, which a neighbour said had been empty since Mr Ballard’s death. Asked whether she felt the property […]


We are alive and well. The Eye of the storm passed over us around 9AM, but there was not much here in the way of wind. I have been in the cellar bailing out the water. The neighbor has directed his drains towards our property. We never had much of a problem before, but now […]

Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds

I sent a story today to Roger Gray at the latest incarnation of New Worlds Magazine. The guidelines were released two days ago on Facebook. I may be one of the first stories he receives, which makes me hope that it will get a more thorough read. By the time the guidelines hit, he […]

Pennant Race

This year I’ve had a good number of hits on my Baseball Magic Number sites. This is good because I spent some time and fixed up some issues and they are making a little money finally. This year is roughly twice the traffic as last year. This happens when there is a hot pennant race. […]

Wedding Pictures

My friend Mike, from work, got married last week. Here are a whole bunch of pictures. He got married in the Bahamas. Big deal wedding.  


A few minutes ago I thought that someone was shaking my chair in order to get my attention. There was no one there. A few seconds later I felt it again and I could feel the floor moving under my feet. It turns out it was an earthquake centered somewhere in Virginia. Here, in New […]

Happy 91st Birthday, Ray Bradbury!

The best! I hope he has many more. Happy 91st Birthday, Ray Bradbury! | GeekDad |

New Worlds Magazine to re-start

New Worlds was a British Golden Age magazine from 1946 to 1971. Someone has gotten a hold of the name “New Worlds” and talked Michael Moorcock into using his name on the masthead. It will be ready this fall and in the mean time there is an email address for sending in submissions. It will […]