Fred Pohl Mention

One of my favorite SF writers, Frederik Pohl, has a nice blog which I check every day. I asked him recently about the The Trap Door Spiders, a New York City luncheon club for sf writers in the 1950s. Fred was supposed to have belonged. Members included Isaac Asimov, Fletcher Pratt, and Lester del Ray.

Today, he wrote about his limited involvement with the club. His webmaster was nice enough to include a link to my website in the post. This is very nice.  Since I spend time writing for this website, it is nice to be read occasionally. A link from pagerank 6 website like Fred’s is a big deal. It more valuable than jewels.

Thank you, Mr. Pohl.

As of this morning at 9:40AM, I have received exactly on click through into this site. I’ll watch and see how many I get by this time tomorrow.

Follow Up:
As of 9AM the day after, about 30 hours after Mr. Pohl’s post, I have received 8 click-throughs from his website. One was me. One, undoubtedly, was the webmaster. That means that a Page-Rank 6 website, winner of a Hugo award, is worth 6 clicks. It increased my traffic about 1% for one day. This is very disappointing.

The Way the Future Blogs, an online memoir by science fiction writer Frederik Pohl.