Monthly Archives: May 2011

Ward’s Bees

Ward got his bees today. He is now a beekeeper.

Mom’s Prize Winning Doll

Mom won the DAR craft contest with her Doll named Sarah. Here she is in her DAR regalia holding Sarah. October looks on.

Harmonica book

I turned my web page – Playing Help-Me in the Style of Sonny Boy Williamson II – into an ebook and I sold OK. It outsells my Science Fiction about 5 to 1. I converted it to a print-book and I ordered the “proof” copy. The problem is that it is only 30 pages. Front […]

StarScout Rising: First Trail by Gary Darby

I downloaded StarScout Rising: First Trail by Gary Darby onto my Kindle and had myself a good read. The Golden Age of Science Fiction is 12. One of the reasons that I love SF is because, as a boy, I discovered Heinlein, Asimov, and Clarke in the back of the village library. I became addicted […]

Cats by Popular Request

For Justine.

Bees Tomorrow

I ordered some bees last winter and I will pick them up Saturday morning. I need to get there early, because I would not like it if the world ended with me on the highway and 40,000 nervous bees sitting in the back of the truck. I will install the bees around noon on Saturday. […]

Story Submitted

I made a list of my stories for While doing this, I found a forgotten flash piece exactly 1,000 words that I wrote for Astounding Tales. It was up for a few weeks before the zine folded. I did a rewrite on it and changed some of the plot. I renamed the story “Rise” […]

Harpin’ for Hunger

Larry and I drove up to Pawling, NY last night to see an all Blues Harp show to benefit Hunger. I was very impressed. The lineup was Ryan Hartt, Chris O’Leary, Dennis Gruenling and Steve Guyger. I went because I am a big fan of Steve’s, but I went away amazed at how good Chris […]