BoingBoing Alternatives

All right! They got me. The BoingBoing pay wall was an April Fool’s joke! I am such a tool.

I’ve been reading for several years. It is a site that gets interesting things from the internet and links to them. They do not provide anything original, except a knack for finding links that people want to click. There are dozen’s of other sites that do as well.
Today they announced that they are going on a subscription basis. You’ll have to pay for BoingBoing. I think not, and and I deleted the bookmark.

Other sites are going to a pay for subscription version. I’ll miss the NY Times. Other sites are dead. I miss Delicious. I do have good alternatives, In fact I usually see the stuff on other sites before BoingBoing gets it.

Here’s what I look at in the morning. Some of these reflect my personal and somewhat narrow interests, but many times I’ll read an article on one of these websites and see a day or two later on BoingBoing. (Hint: most of these have rss feeds so use Google Reader or other aggregator to get all of these at once.

Defense Tech
Cool Tools
Making Light
Rudy Rucker’s Blog
Neil Gaiman’s Blog
Uncertainty Principles
The Technium
Yahoo Science News
Fred Pohl’s Blog
Shadow Script
Information is Beautiful
Letters of Note
Hacker News
Hacker News Daily
This day in Jazz
Google News Spotlight
Nadie Se Conoce (photography)
Biblio Odyssey
Wikipedia Random Link