My Job Outlook

I have just been told that the contracting company that employs me screwed up their application and I might not have a job starting April 1st.

I work as a consultant at the County of Westchester. Westchester, with about a million people, is the 43rd largest county in the US.

I have been busy here for the last 8 years coding Java and PHP for the Physical Facilities group that includes the Internet site, Westchester Airport, Rye Playland, and important systems such as Parking, Solid Waste management and Security systems. I have really liked working here. Recently they have started allowing a few PHP projects in the mix and I have enjoyed the challenge.

I am not alone and there are 18 people in IT whose jobs are in jeopardy. The application required that the contract company apply on-line and many or them missed or ignored the requirement. One contracting company submitted the wrong application, sending in last years’.

I am hoping that this gets straightened out, but the issue is that 85% of the contracts were submitted correctly, and those companies would have to be notified that there are exceptions being made. Alternatively, the contracts can go out to bid again, which would require a month or so before they could be processed.

I looked and this seems to be a good time to switch jobs. There are lots of Java and PHP jobs now on the boards. There were times in the last three years when there were none. They tend to be lower pay than I make now. I don’t want to switch jobs. I am quite settled here. The rules are that they can’t pay me for overtime and I am not allowed to work past 4:30. There is a union for regular employees (not me), and the union keeps an eye on me. I like that a lot. Most places expect you to “donate” extra hours by working late or weekends.


  1. Justine wrote:

    Is there a chance that you will just be “furloughed” until the application is sorted out? I can’t imagine it is a good idea to let everyone go without having any backup plan to cover the work……

    Monday, March 28, 2011 at 6:34 pm | Permalink
  2. Keith wrote:

    I hope everything will work out by Friday. I don’t know what will happen if it does not. I sent out a bunch of resumes today and I expect that idiot head hunters will be calling me about 30K jobs in Oshkosh for the next few years.

    Headhunters get the resumes and sell them to other headhunters. Most jobs you see are not for real jobs, just people trying to make a buck selling you to other guys trying to make a buck selling you to other guys…

    Monday, March 28, 2011 at 10:10 pm | Permalink