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Last Doughboy Dies

I read to day that the last veteran of World War I died at the age of 110. The war ended in 1918, 92 years ago. I might be possible that there is still a European veteran left who signed up at a very young age, but it isn’t likely. They are all gone. I […]

Character Sheet Generator – Hits

Yesterday was the biggest day, as far as the number of readers goes, that I’ve ever had on this site. My character sheet has gone viral with hundreds of hits. had me on their home page for a while. has listed three pages on the sites with hundreds of more hits. This has […]

I saw Return of the King last night

I saw Peter Jackson’s strange interpretation of Tolkien’s Return of the King on TCM. They were showing Oscar winning movies and this was one of them. I avoided the movies after being disgusted with Fellowship in the way it hacked up the book. Rather than split hairs about why someone would take one of the […]

Dashiell Hammett Short Stories Discovered

Dashiell Hammett mostly invented the hard boiled detective story. I like Hammett because he had this thing where every story had one perfect sentence. If you search through you can usually find it. It is a sentence that blows you away. In his novels, you can find them scattered about. I read fast, sometimes skimming […]

Programming Lies

I got blamed for the Westchester County Website being down for about 5 hours last night. This happened after I left for the bus, and by the time I came to work this morning the true culprit had been caught and crucified. I had nothing to do with it, although I am changing configuration options […]

We were down for a while.

1and1 lost my web sites for about two hours this morning.

St. James Infirmary Blues

Science Fiction Outreach Project – USA

A good part of the people who come to SF cons are not readers, but kids who watch TV and Movies and who read comic books. (Sorry – graphic novels). The theory posited by SFOP is that if they give books to people who read comics or watch movies, they might take them home and […]