Life on Titan

There is a news conference at NASA tomorrow at 3PM, where they will discuss some new findings in exobiology. The internet is rife with rumors that they are pretty sure that there may be life on Titan. This would be life based on photosynthesis using arsenic as a base. It might be bacterial, or it may have evolved into something more like a plant.

It might be true and I can hardly wait until tomorrow to hear what they have to say.

Finding life on another planet, especially life so different from life on earth, changes the Drake equation. If life is common, then perhaps intelligent life will be less rare. It becomes less likely that we alone and more likely that we will be able to contact extra-terrestrial intelligence.

Update: no life on Titan, just strange life found in a Washington lake. The good thing is that Fox news announced it before knowing the details and said that Titan was a one of Mar’s moons. (we all know the moons of Mars don’t we? Most of can name the moons of Saturn, can’t we?)