2010 was a so-so year. Not bad – not great. Nothing big happened. I had lots of little projects that kept me busy. The only bad thing was that FreeNameAStar.com is gone, although I was able to pass it on to someone else. The main good thing is that nothing worse than that happened. The family is all in good health and mostly happy. The cats are doing well. The bees are doing well. Some of the money I lost in the crash has come back, although I am still way down. I sold a few stories. I published a collection and got a few sales.

My 2009 new years eve post mentioned 1) Walk. 2) Take a course. 3) Record Tutorials. 4) Follow up on new projects (Harp recording project and Robotic Website). I did none of these. I dropped the robotics site because I had no time for it. I enhanced all my harp websites, but I did nothing really new. At night I don’t feel like going into a cold, dark and damp cellar to work on the harp stuff. I still want to take a course, but I never got around to it. Erica and I did not walk more than a few times.

This year?

I still want to walk. I want to release the paper version of my story collection. I want to release the rest of my good stories in collections. I want to collect my bee blog posts as a book and publish that. I want to collect my harp instruction posts as a book. I want to go to school again. I’d like to drive out to the Reno Worldcon (just an idea, probably not possible).

2011 may be a tough one. Max is frail and sick. He has a tumor in his lungs that will take care of him this year. The other cats are in good health, except that Willie is still diabetic. I am feeling my age a little and my hip is bothering me. Jim is moving to California this summer so that means the end of our weekly poker group. John will probably follow Jim out to the west coast, as John has no car and will starve to death without a ride to the super market.

Still, I don’t think much bad will happen in 2011. I am hoping the economy will improve and that my Web projects will make some more money and I’ll sell a few books. I will turn 60 this year, which will be very traumatic all by itself.

There are a few improbable things that I’d like to see happen. I’d like to buy a retirement home. I’d like to start work on some new and exciting project (yet to be conceived). I’d like to make a pro sale of one of my stories. Maybe one of these things will happen!