Another Story Submitted.

I sent out a truly awful story that I wrote a few years ago. It is an H.P. Lovecraft style horror story. I thought that I had run out of places to send it, but I found a new one, Arkham Press, so they have to read the damn thing.

I am not good at writing horror stories and this one is an example of my inability. I like Lovecraft, and wish I could write his flavor of weird tale, but I have to admit that I am not good at it. I don’t do dark fiction well, and that is the kind most editors want.

Erica mentioned that there are a dearth of real ghost stories. We usually watch the movie, The Uninvited, on Halloween, but we wound up watching god-awful zombie shows last night. I don’t get the appeal of zombies. The chase you, occasionally eat somebody, you shoot them in the head, rinse, repeat. Erica is right, I should think about writing another real ghost story. I wrote Farewell Tour about the ghost of a rock and roll star, and I have a partially done story about some kids who are contacted by the ghost of a revolutionary war drummer boy. I have to think of another good ghost story. I think the world is ready.