Monthly Archives: November 2010

Cute Cats

I guess this is cute Monday, not Cyber Monday. YouTube – Talking Cats Play Pattycake.

Baby Bears – ooh – ahh

Skip usually sends me stuff that I delete right away because if anyone were to walk by while I was looking at it, I’d get fired. This is very un-Skip like. He send me this report on tagging and counting bears in North Ontario. The baby bears are very cute. This is a good way […]

Wolfram's and Natural Language.

Rudy Rucker has a great blog where he discusses Math, his Science Fiction, Art, and all the things that fill the cracks in between. Rudy has written a fascinating blog post about the theories of a fascinating man. Stephen Wolfram and Rudy are developing a theory of computation that has classical mathematicians and computer scientists […]

Beaujolais Nouveau

Each year it’s fun to buy this early wine. Nouveau means New. It is a 2010 wine that is not aged so it tastes very much like grape juice with some alcohol. I have described it as grape Nehi with a splash of vodka. They squeeze the grapes, let them ferment a bit and the […]

Published Book to Barnes & Noble and Smashwords

I am counting on everyone getting a B&N Nook or an Amazon Kindle for Christmas and then going out to buy books on December 26. I am ready. My book is now out as Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, and at Smashwords in a bunch of formats, including plain text. I am charging more than the […]

New Sophie Madeleine video

I like hard edged blues and heavy rock. I have no idea why I like Sophie Madelaine. I think it is my inner hippie remembering summer days in 1968. The CD will be available on Nov. 30 (just in time for Christmas) at: I don’t know how this works, but in involves pledging 8 […]

Don’t Buy My Book

I have a version of my book for Amazon Kindle after all this time. Please do not buy it. Email me and I’ll send you a copy in MOBI format so that you can put it on your Kindle. The Kindle thing is an just an experiment. The paperback version will be ready in another […]

Error Message Eyes

This is the fourth try publishing to Amazon Kindle. I think I finally got it right. There are secrets to formatting things in Kindle, and they are not written down all in one place. I have been gathering bits and pieces. The secret is to download Mobipocket Creator software and use that as the last […]