The Skylark is Closing

One by one, all the old businesses in Nyack have passed on. Nyack is now a village trendy shops and antique stores in the day. At night there are dozens of almost identical bars catering to young people.

One of the last places still open that I remember from by early days in Nyack is the Skylark Cafe. One of the first places that I took Erica was the Skylark. I liked to order tea and an English Muffin back then (1969).

The Skylark has changed hands many times since, and I haven’t had a cup of tea there in 30 years or more. I doubt if it still has the flavor of the old fashioned lunch counter that it once was.

It will be called the Johnny Cakes from now on, which I am told has something to do with the Sopranos TV show.

(picture by Squirrel)

Nyack Snap: Goodbye Skylark, Here’s Johnny.