Yankee Stadium

I am not a sports guy. I did, however, play little league baseball, and I like baseball. I usually limit my sports attention to the World Series, but I like to listen to games on the radio while driving. I like the narrative quality of the games. The non-violent competition and the dependence on strategy make this a fascinating game.

I’ve only been to a few games, but I have always enjoyed the spectacle of it. Yesterday I went, for the first time, to the new Yankee Stadium. I can only say that it is huge. Larry’s friend Carlos managed to score some $11 tickets up as high and as far as you can get from the actual game. It was like watching a baseball game from the rim of the grand canyon.

I took some videos, but managed to miss the better parts of the trip. (I was in the men’s room during the 7th inning stretch, and accidentally deleted the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.)

I was able to document the purchase of $6 hot dog and a $5.50 watery beer. Microsoft Movie maker crashed twice will trying to edit the movie. In the end I just linked all the videos without titles, effects, or deletions. All you get here is several minutes of raw footage from Justine’s little video camera.