Weasel Word Detector

I wrote a Weasel Word Detector. This finds those vague and empty words and phrases in your prose and highlights them in red. The results when I run my stories through it are sobering.

Weasel Word Detector.

I just added an Adverb Detector using the same code.

I also added a detector for theLake Superior State University Banished Words List.

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  1. Michelle (Mush) wrote:

    Uhhh… Can I ask a quick favor?

    I was messing around with the Weasel word detector, and I submitted a piece of awful writing in the comment section instead. (I did it mindlessly.)

    Can you please, please, please delete my first comment on the WWD? I’m extreamly untallented at writing scenes, and I just don’t want the proof avalible for all to see on a website that I frequently visit.

    Sorry, I’ve been kind of a dumbass all week.

    Friday, July 23, 2010 at 10:58 pm | Permalink