Monthly Archives: July 2010

Reinbeck Brouhaha

If you have read this blog for a while you might remember that in the late summer and fall Erica and I like to go up to apple country. Dutchess county is beautiful in the fall. Erica and I like Red Hook and Reinbeck. We do some of Christmas shopping there and the Beekman Arms […]

Friend or Follow

For just $1.99 you can be my friend on FaceBook, or have me follow you on Twitter. I think that this is a reasonable amount to charge. Friendship, after all, is not so easy to find that I could give it away for free.

Blues Week

Every year about this time I get to feeling bad because I am not in Elkins, West Va. at Blues Week. I went a few times back in the 1990s and had a great time – some of the best times of my life. My friend (and 8th cousin) Phil Chadeayne went down with me […]

Life in hospital due to insurance gaps

I worked with Mike Stanzione for at least ten years at a previous job. I haven’t heard from him in a long while, but a post on Facebook led me to this article. He’s suffering from Pompe Disease which is sapping his strength and has weakened his lungs to the point where he needs a […]

Beekman’s Precinct Revolutionary Pledge 7/25/1775

While doing some genealogy for my mother I discovered that my Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather was Albert (Elbert) Adriance who signed the Beekman’s Precinct Revolutionary Pledge in 7/25/1775. After the battle of Concord in April of 1775, the Dutch settlers of the Hudson Valley, who never liked the British, were quite angry and decided to resist. They […]

Submitted a Story

I don’t often submit stories to Pro magazines. 5 cents a word is not much and hasn’t changed in 30 years. If you figure that John W. Campbell was paying a penny a word back in the 1950s, and that there has been a bit of inflation since then, 5 cents is just awful. In […]

If life were only like this

Today’s is Marshall McLuhan’s birthday.

AussieCon4 :: “Make Ready” Short Story Competition

I did not win this, although I did write a story for them. I was informed that I made it through several rounds before being eliminated. I researched the Australian countryside and included local color in my story, but in the end, I was not Australian enough to finish in the money. The winners were […]