WSJ gets it wrong about blues

The blues world is quite upset with Jim Fusilli at the wall street journal. He wrote an article about how Blues is anchored to its past and is somehow frozen in time.

I guess you’d have to be paying attention to see how blues is progressing. Blues will always be roots based, but there are enough new guys out there pushing the limits. Blues is moving and evolving all the time.

Fusilli went to a Blues Foundation hall of fame induction. He may have missed the main awards ceremonies, and as a result saw mainly a retrospective of the history of blues. I assume he stayed in his room and missed performers like Duke Robillard, Rick Estrin, Kim Wilson, Ronnie Earl, and Jason Ricci!

He published some whining remarks from Buddy Guy about the blues fading away, but Buddy has lost his market share because he still plays the some kind of songs he played 40 years ago.

Lamenting the Future of the Blues | By Jim Fusilli –