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I went to a Science Fiction Convention once and it was very very bad. It was full of low esteem nerds dressed up as barbarian princesses, wizards or hobbits. The people and events were sad and disturbing. Reluctantly, though, I’ve decided that I might ride up to Readercon in Boston this July to see some […]

Everything I Touch is Sticky

I accidentally put this in the wrong place. I am re-posting it here. The original post date was May 24, and I harvested the honey Sunday May, 23. I built a honey extractor out of odd parts and tried it out yesterday. I immediately twisted itself into a corkscrew shape. I need to redesign. In […]

Girija had her baby

My coworker, Girija, had her baby girl today, and we are awaiting pictures.

Why Bad Scripts Sell

Someday I am going to find time to write one of my movie script ideas. I realize that it will never sell and probably never read by anyone who cares, but I am going to do it anyway. The ScriptShadow blog has great articles on writing screenplays and this is one of the best. ScriptShadow: […]

Forbidden Planet Trailer

YouTube – Forbidden Planet Trailer.


Erica bought a month’s subscription to to search for her past. She can trace a huge amount of stuff and has connected with distant cousins also looking for information. It is slow going, though and tracing common names back to Ireland can be frustrating. I am using it to document my family and I […]

Ward on TV

My little brother Ward is supposed to appear accidentally on this video. Larry says look for the guy with the white hat? I missed him. Wait, I just saw him behind the flight attendant trying to stuff stuff in the overhead! He appears again with his back to you waiting on a line. Ward’s 2.5 […]

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