Martha Hive First Day of Spring

I woke up this morning with a sinus headache and I had to sit through two intense meetings already. The headache is from allergies to the the pollen from trees that are starting to bloom. The good news is that the bees are finding these trees and bringing home lots of pollen and nectar.

Here is a video of the Martha hive. You can watch the girls going home with baskets full of yellow pollen.

One benefit of the honey from local bees is that they have small amounts of the allergens that have passed through the bee’s digestive process. These fragments of allergens act to help the body build resistance to the pollen, but don’t induce an noticeable allergic reaction. At least that is what many people claim. I tend to be skeptical, but I will be having toast and honey for breakfast every morning after I harvest the honey. If it helps with my allergies, I won’t complain.