SharePoint Designer

I just got off the phone from a friend who needs to design a web page. I suggested that he do it himself. It seems anyone who is out of work fancies themselves a web page designer. I get asked quite often about designing web pages and the best way to go about it. Since I am a programmer and don’t care how a page looks, it is not like I am losing any business by helping these people.

Lately I have been steering people towards the FREE Microsoft Sharepoint Designer software. This is Microsoft’s replacement for Front Page, the software responsible for so many very bad websites. Sharepoint Designer is easy to use and those used to other MS products will be comfortable using its interface. It is also very powerful and will let more sophisticated users add all the tweaks and styles that they want.

Best, it is free, so everyone can have a copy and produce ugly webpages and then call me to write the back end software.

SharePoint Designer Home Page – Microsoft Office Online.