Monthly Archives: November 2009

ATSOISE – missing in action.

One of the first places a story of mine appeared was at a site called or ATSOISE (A Tangled Script of Intangible Soul Engravings). This was an odd place for me, but my story fit in well. The writers were an odd mix of interesting people who called themselves The Mad Wordsmiths. The site’s […]

Happy Birthday Forrest J Ackerman

4e, if he were alive (I’m not sure he isn’t), would be 93 today. He was famous as a man who just liked Science Fiction a whole lot. He knew everybody, went to all of the conventions, and everybody liked him. He had the best collection of science fiction books and memorabilia in history. It […]

Story Sale: Atomjack Magazine

I sold my story Nigerian Soul to Adicus Ryan Garton at AtomJack Magazine after 103 days in the slush. I am very happy about this, as it is a good story and sold the first time out. I am also assuming that J Erwine will include my story Reefs of Jupiter in the upcoming print […]

Boy Rescued After Getting Stuck In Chimney

It is that time of year. As Christmas approaches, I like to read about people stuck in chimneys. I find a twisted humor in this. Here is the latest: (this video doesn’t work in my browser, but it may just be a firefox issue) Boy Rescued After Getting Stuck In Chimney – Las Vegas News […]

How Real does Sci-Fi have to be?

There was a discussion about the realness of SF over at one of the Nanowrimo forums. It seems that they read my “Laws Science Fiction” page and I was trashed – the page and me personally. Also – I wouldn’t worry too much about that website. Personally, I think their “laws” are a load of […]

100 Free Audio Books You Should Have Read By Now

Here’s a list of downloadable audio books for your mp3 player. I will start the downloads tonight and load up my ipod. Most of these are not professionally done, but they are well performed, at least the ones that I just sampled. My only objections is that there is some echo added to a one […]

Phillip K. Dick Mug

Hey, I also discovered that I had a store where I actually designed a Phillip K. Dick T-Shirt and Mug. I checked the sales figures and I even sold a few, although CafePress sits on the cash until you reach some very high minimum. Phillip K. Dick Mug

Speculative Fiction Stencils

I’ve came across a bunch of stuff that I had at some of the domains that I let slide. I used to have a bunch of domains that I had ideas about using, but I am letting a few of them expire. One of the domains had some media oriented projects like the stencils I […]