Reasons to oppose health care reform

I have a Google alert on my name. Every time Keith Graham comes up in the news I get an email. There are rugby players, hairdressers, even a web page designer that share my name.

One Keith Graham writes for newspapers in and around Atlanta. I saw the title Reasons to Oppose Health Care Reform in a news page called “Like the Dew, A Journal of Southern Culture and Politics”, and I figured that some Keith was disgracing the name. Then I read the article. The article is 10 really dumb reasons to avoid health care reform:

1) You are so rich and so sure that you always will be that you don't even need medical insurance.

and 9 others.

I like the last one:

10) You think voting against your best interest is cool.

If you read the article, make sure you read the discussion at the end – they are very good. The anti-health care factions all sound like they wear tin foil hats.

Well, I’ll let this guy into the brotherhood of Keith Grahams. He did a good job, except for the misleading headline, but that was meant to be ironic, and we Americans, as is often said, have trouble with irony.

About the author (the other) Keith Graham (not me): (this other) Keith Graham lives in Atlanta most of the time and on St. Simons Island on Georgia's coast the rest. Like so many Southerners, Keith was named for a blind piano player, who is now little remembered, and he spent his earliest years living with his parents in the back rooms of a small-town Georgia radio station. Later, he moved to several other states, including North Carolina twice, before returning to Georgia. He has worked for a series of newspapers, including The Atlanta Journal and Constitution from 1979 to 2007.

Reasons to oppose health care reform by Keith Graham | Like the Dew