Monthly Archives: May 2009

Willie in the Grass

I have been reluctant to mow the lawn. First, I hate mowing the lawn, and second, the lawn is full of wild flowers, which are in turn being pollinated by my bees. Willie is our oldest cat. The vet record says that he is 15 years and 7 months, but Erica thinks he is a […]

One Year and Still Waiting

It was one year ago today that I entered a story into the Heinlein Short Story contest. I read somewhere that the persons running the society have had health problems. My guess is that the society is in trouble because of lack of management. The web site is a disgrace and has not been updated […]

Older Writers Grant Winner Chosen (almost me)

The Speculative Literature Foundation has been announced the winner of the 2009 Older Writers Grant – the name will be announced June 1. More important (at least to me), my story RepFix received an Honorable Mention. Malon Edwards wrote: We are also delighted to inform you that your submission, “RepFix,” has been selected as one […]

Blackberry Flowers and My Bees

My bees are working the blackberry brambles that grow wild on my property. I got some interesting shots with the telephoto lens.

Nyack High School Class of 69

The Nyack High School class of 69 has found time to meet and remember old times every 5 years since we graduated. It looks like this year, our 40th, there will be no reunion. If there was going to be one, I would have heard by now. The 35th reunion was a hoot. It had […]

The Triumph of Time, James Blish (1959)

This is my first reading of The Triumph of Time. Although I had read the first three books several times as complete novels and parts as short stories in the pages of Astounding and Analog Magazine, I had somehow missed this one. Read Review of The Triumph of Time, James Blish (1959)

Considering buying a house

We are tempted to buy this house, but it is an eight and a half hour drive, although near a large airport. It is very small, but the price is amazing and it has a guest house to keep the freeloaders at arm’s length. The house is on the bay. The picture is from the […]

Stella on Gossip Girl

Watch Stella Monday. She got called back to Gossip Girl to reprise her roll as the bitchiest girl on the show. This pains me because she’s nothing like that, but it also good because it means that she can really act.