Erica gets all of these alerts from It is a network of Yahoo groups mailing lists that people use to give stuff away, or in my case, get free stuff.

Once a day I get a forward from here with some tempting bit of free stuff. Mostly the good stuff is gone before she answers the message, but we’ve picked up one or two good things.

This is a Wanted message that appeared on Freecycle. Erica thought it was interesting, and so do I.

Wanted to keep or borrow.

Halloween decoration with motion sensor (the kind that moves or makes noise when you approach it).

I need to teach my husband a lesson about smoking in the attic behind my back. He quit but is having little relapses when he thinks I am sleeping.

This ought to scare the s_ _ t out of him. = )

It doesn’t sound like he really quit. All he did was stop smoking when his wife was looking. I am not sure the motion sensor will be much help.