Waiting for Real Estate Prices to crash

Ram Island, Saco Bay, Maine. I found this house on an island off the coast of Maine for $555,000. I figure that in six months I can pick it up for $350K. I would add solar and a windmill and renovate it to be livable all year round. I would make a trip to the mainland (about a mile) every two weeks for food and supplies and other than that would not have to worry who was president.

I’d have to find out if I could get water and heating oil delivered. I might have to buy a used lobster boat to get the big stuff onto the island.

The cats would like it, although I might have to stock it with chipmunks and plant a few trees.

Any visitors would have to swim about a mile, unless they could rent a boat. I’d have to set up satellite internet service. I wonder if I could steal wifi with a good dish antenna at that distance.

There is a web page devoted to Ram Island with some great history and pictures

SACO, Maine Property for Sale