Monthly Archives: June 2008

NASA Animation of Phoenix Mars Lander

I just clicked on the site to see what was new. I became engrossed in the various animations created from NASA images and this one, which is composite of artistic and real images. I am having trouble with this. It does not want to embed correctly. Click here to play the movie.

Blogger Blog This

You can see a new icon on the bottom of each post. This runs a little JavaScript routine that opens up the blogger "new post" window and lets anyone who uses blog about my blog post. Just click the image and a user now has a new blog entry. This version is blogger […]

Justine’s Vacation on Martha’s Vineyard

Justine sent me some pictures of the house she stayed at in Martha’s Vineyard. She was on the West side of the Island, near Gay Head Lighthouse (named for the gayly colored mud). My friend Phil likes to take pictures of the mud bath near Gay Head. There is a place where multicolor mud comes […]

Unique Visitors Must Die

Jacob Nielsen has a new article on reducing bounce rates on websites. I have a lot of clicks into what Nielsen calls a deep web page, and then the user is gone. I’d like for surfers to hang around and try a few more pages. I will try to follow some of his recommendations. While […]

On the Bus

I took the bus this morning from West Nyack to White Plains. It was awful and I still feel sick. The NYS Thruway was backed up from the bridge 10 miles because of an early morning accident. The bus schedule was all screwed up. I caught a local version of the TZ Express at about […]

Three Lakes

Erica and I went down into New Jersey to a community garage sale at Morse Lake. The sale was mostly a waste, but we had a good time driving around the lake. Here are some of the views around Morse Lake       From Morse Lake we went to what I think is Glenn […]

Hacking Google Alerts

I’ve been receiving Google Alerts for a couple of months now and they have resulted in about 20 blog entries. I think that this is a very useful product. You may not realize this, but I have 6 other blogs. I have a couple of Harmonica related blogs, the cat blog, a tech blog and […]

Another Green Crude Announcement

With the price of oil being so high it is only logical that money is flowing into any company that promises to make fuel from non-mineral resources. All it will take is for crude to stay above $100 a gallon for another year or two and it will be end of drilling for oil forever. […]