Monthly Archives: May 2008

West Nyack family’s goat reported stolen

The miniature goat named Lenore – owned by a the family of actor Jake T. Austin, 13, of Wizards of Waverly Place – was discovered missing on Thursday morning. This happened a few houses down the street from my home in West Nyack. I didn’t know that any celebrities lived that close. West Nyack family’s […]

Crooks Who Robbed Mom in Jail

A few months ago my Mom had her wallet taken from her pocketbook while shopping. This was very traumatic for my mother who felt that it was her own fault. She felt that she was old and a little scattered and not paying attention. When the thieves bumped her to get her wallet she even […]

Doctor Kochumman Geevarghese

My good friend and colleague Koch (I can’t pronounce his real name) graduated with PhD Doctorate in Professional Science (DPS) in Computing last weekend. His picture was in the paper. He’s the one having a good time. Koch works on the other side of the partition and we often have coffee together. Here is the […]

Buying a New Flat Screen TV

I did another Squidoo Lens today. It is a rehash of one of my blog earlier entries. You know the drill. Click on the link below even if you don’t give a hoot about buying a flat screen TV. I need the clicks in my insane quest to make a million dollars on the internet. […]

Heinlein Centennial Short Story Contest

Just a reminder. The Heinlein Short Story Contest closes one minute after midnight June 1. If you have a story, ship it off NOW!!! They take email entries. (That means that you have to press the send button in May.) I sent off a story, The Window Washer Murder, that I’d almost forgotten about. When […]

St. Jane Frances School

Someone at St. Jane’s registered more than 50 stars for their graduating class. I home that this is a trend. I don’t make any money off of these, but the word of mouth advertising is priceless. St. Jane is a coed Pre-K-8 Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

I Almost Applied for This Job

This is a job for Systems and Network Analyst/Programmer, something that I could do. It is for the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, based nearby. The hitch is that it requires approximately 5 months per year at sea with 2-3 month cruises. I am afraid that I might be seasick. I don’t think I would like being […]

Orson Wells War of the Worlds

My Dad used to laugh when people talk about the panic caused by Orson Wells’s dramatization of the War of the Worlds. He would listen to Mercury Theater with his Father, brother and sister. When the dramatized news flashes about the Martians landing in New Jersey, not far from where he lived, were broadcast no […]