Southern Fried Weirdness

I was born in North Carolina and spent summers in Garden City, South Carolina when I was a kid. I stayed up the street from Mickey Spillane’s house. (Years later I met Spillane’s niece who claimed to remember me.) Although I’ve lived most of my life within an easy bus ride from New York City and talk like a noo yawker, I have these well hidden southern roots.

A while back I sent a story to Southern Fried Weirdness. It was a very weird flash story with a southern theme. They never published it and I chalked it up to my bad luck with editors. Too many times they either lose my story, or if they buy it, forget that they have it.

Well T.J. over at SFW lost the story. I made the mistake of asking him what’s up this week (about nine months after the sale). He found the story and upped my pay rate. He told me the story would appear in his new eZine and also appear in the print anthology coming out by the end of the year.

I have this feeling that if I just concentrate I can figure out this writing and publishing stuff, but mostly it just confuses me.

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