Christmas Tampon Angel Ornaments

I have been getting thousands of hits on my site. I created this site from a variety of old databases that I found. I reformatted the data and made a neat way to store the information. I never actually read much of the content and I am always surprised at what the search engines dig up.

The one page that has been getting the most hits is this:

Tampon angel ornaments!!!!!!

Use Playtex because they fan out into a cone shape.

Dip into water until tampon expands.

Remove and tie at the top to create the angel’s head. Let hang (by handy dandy string) for several days until dry.

Paint face with peach or skin tone, and draw small black dots for eyes. Add blush or pink paint to cheeks.

Paint “dress” with glimmer paint. Criss-cross thin gold ribbon across chest (around neck).

Add yellow doll hair to top of head as well as a gold pipe cleaner for a halo.

For the grand finale…glue small gold angel wings to back.

Ta da!!!

You would never know she belonged anywhere else than your tree!!!!

People have to look long and hard to figure out where that little darlin really is from!!!

It’s like my page is the only one in the world that explains how to make these bizarre things. I don’t think I’d want them on my tree. I do like all the exclamation points. The person who wrote this was very excited.

I expect to see lots of these this Christmas. Send me pictures!