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Media Predictions for 2008

The thing that surprises most people when I talk about the future is the death of static media. I mean no more DVDs, no more CDs. I can remember when VHS beat out Betamax. I can remember when CDs made vinyl and tape obsolete almost overnight. I can remember when DVDs replaced VHS during one […]


I started writing my New Year’s resolutions. After I listed ten, I went back and found previous year’s blog entries on the subject and I realized that I blogged 7 of the 10 resolutions in previous years. So much for 2008. I will not humiliate myself by listing them again. At least I’ve never resolved […]

Year End Statistics

This blog and in general are getting fewer and fewer hits. Most hits are on the cliche page and the black hole extensions. The blog itself gets 1/5 the hits it was getting this time last year. The RSS feeds still gets 250 hits a day, but I have decided that this is mainly […]

Oldest WWI Vet Dies at 109

When I was a boy it was not uncommon to see World War I “dough boys” in parades. They looked very old then, however my Grandfather was older, being too old for WWI but not old enough for the Spanish American war. I can also remember seeing headlines where the One of the Last Remaining […]

Honor Harrington

I have an MP3 format version of a few of David Weber’s Honor Harrington books. Weber is very up front in stating that the character Honor Harrington is somewhat based on Horatio Hornblower. Just as James Kirk is based on Hornblower, the female character Honor Harrington is in the end quite a bit different from […]


Here’s an interesting concept. I almost wish that I had thought of it. Send these people your stories and they make them available for anthologies. A person who likes short stories can pick and choose from a bunch of stories and create a customized anthology. I would guess that the anthologies are published through LuLu, […]

By the Throats

“The Holiday Season has us by the throats, again.“A. Bunker

Ollie Watching Christmas Birds

Ollie was watching the birds at the feeder from the bay window. The presents, the tree, and the ornaments made for a good picture. Click it to see a big version.