Unsold Story Inventory

I haven’t really sold a story in many months, mainly because I haven’t written much. Recently, Tyree accepted a 150 word short-short for “Between Kisses” and I placed a flash story with “Souther Fried Weirdness” for some time in October. Both are no pay and I always hate when I do that, but I was trying to get down my inventory of unsold stories.

I made a list of the stories that I have completed and have yet to sell. I spent the morning submitting a few of these. Several were written about Hurricane Katrina.

Speed Trap – At 28 and counting this is the King of the Rejections. I love this story and each rejection makes me love it more. Dark story about a man who lays traps for speeding cars so he can rob the wrecks. I just need to find the right market.

La Soer Sans Merci – Flash (not spec fic) about a woman in an evil nursing home during Katrina.

Girl with the Error message Eyes – Story of war, the inescapable media and grieving parents. I thought this was an easy sale, but the story is too dark and has little action. It is had 6 rejects so far. It’s been out at an anthology market for a little bit, but I don’t like selling to anthologies.

The Duke’s Left Eye – Medieval fantasy S&S – hard sell lately. Only OK, not great.

On Ben Klibreck – Scottish ghost story. There is no market for this. It was fun to write, but I am not sure it’s such a good story.

The Window Washer Murder – Cyberpunk – first in a series. I have sold others, but this one is a tough sell.

At the Submarine Races – silly alien contact. I just reread it and I like it, but it may be too much for most markets.

You Can’t think about it – Flash – Vietnam war story (not spec fic) based on a story a friend once told me.

Rescue Boat – Flash Katrina SF story.

The Shunned Well – Lovecraftian short horror (1800 words). Odd, but not that compelling.

Please Leave a Message – short (2k) horror about premature burial – ending is a little too obvious.

Marching Saints – Gruesome horror flash. Another Katrina story.

Gran Gator – Silly flash story about rescue workers and a Huge Gator during Katrina.

A Nest of Flames – 5K Story about fire eaters in the early 1800s. (Currently subbed to TOT). This is the best of the bunch. TOT has had it two months, which is a good sign.

The answer to this is to finish some of the stories that are more than half done. I have a dozen of these that are decent stories and should sell eventually. It’s this damn job. I have to work all day. Waisting my time blogging doesn’t help either.