Potter tape

According to the tracking information from Amazon, my Potter tape arrived in the West Nyack Post Office today. It should be in the mailbox when I get home. I am currently listening to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which I think is a very good read. I have four tapes to go, but I don’t know if I will put off listening until after Potter.

The postponement of gratification is the very foundation of western civilization. Who said this? (besides Poker Jim.)

Potter Porn Clicks:
Last month I closed down my Britney Naked spoof pages. I immediately saw a drop of almost 50% in my web ad revenue. I could not figure out how this happened. Formerly, my most lucrative site was harpamps.com, where the spoof site started, but the traffic there dropped by 75% where at the same time JT30.com doubled. I could not figure out how the spoof pages changed all of this. I figured it was just the search engines reindexing my site and page rankings had changed.

I finally figured out that in the redesign of HarpAmps, I took out the links to my generated landing pages. These are keyword pages – for instance dumble.php, which is made up of only links to Dumble amp references on my site. (Dumble made guitar amps, which are very collectible.) I wrote a program a while back to analyze my keywords and generate these landing pages designed to attract the search engines. It must have been important, because after a few weeks of them being deleted, my traffic dropped in half!

It wasn’t Britney that caused me to loose money, but my own mistake at deleting these links. About two weeks ago, I put them back. The spiders have indexed my site, and today, my stats are coming back to the way they were. I am back over $30 a day and heading towards the $100 figure – which is where I retire.

Strangely enough, though, my biggest keyword for all of my sites is still “Potter Porn”. I used this in on one of my spoof pages and I am still getting thousands of people looking for Potter porn. I don’t understand this. Who wants to see Potter porn? I just don’t get it.