Monthly Archives: June 2007

Dynamics of Cats

Dynamics of Cats is a fascinating blog by Steinn SigurĂ°sson who is blogging from the conference on Extreme Solar Systems. There is lots of information on his blog about discovering planets on other Solar Systems. The conference has revealed that earth type planets may be much more common than originally thought. Astronomers find it easier […]

Bigelow Aerospace

Bigelow just launched a prototype space station into orbit using a Russian booster. This link is to the jobs page. I applied for software engineer, although I am not sure that I’d like commuting to Las Vegas. The first job on the list is Astronaut! Bigelow Aerospace

Now all they need is programming

A human brain has the processing power of about 100 trillion floating point calculations per second. IBM has one that is ten times faster. One definition of the Singularity is the day when a computer is more intelligent than a human. It looks like that day might be nearer than we thought. Although the computing […]

The Beautiful Ordinary

Poker buddy Jim’s daughter, the actress Stella Maeve, has a major supporting role in the the movie The Beautiful Ordinary. She appears briefly a couple of times in the trailer that you can see on the link below. This is a teenage coming of age movie. It is more of an art film than the […]

TZ Bridge Cam

I have crossed the TZ Bridge twice a day, 5 days a week since March of 1986. I am getting ready to cross it again. I was just outside for a minute and it’s in the 90s and very humid. Tappan Zee means the Tappan Sea in Dutch. My Dutch ancestors living in Tappan thought […]

Story submissions

I used my pent up frustration here at work to write a new short story. While everyone else was running around trying to find out where their stuff got moved to, I knocked off 3500 words. I proof read it this morning and sent it out. None of this edit, proofread, re-check stuff for me. […]

Hydra Console Game Dev. Kit

In 1985 I saved enough money to buy an IBM PC and the first thing that I did was buy the Macro-Assembler and learn 8088 assembly language. I loved assembly language. I had previously learned IBM 370 BAL, which was the mainframe macro assembler. I have since learned all kinds of advanced languages, but I […]

Tough Times at Work

My name is on the outside of my cubicle. My Cubicle is the first one as you enter the office area. I arrived at work a little early this morning. You would not think that any of these things would be a problem, but I not a person who wants to chitchat with anyone. I […]