Affiliate Program – Science Fiction & Fantasy Audio Books

I just joined the buzzymultimedia affiliate program for two three reasons. First, I am always looking for a way to make a little money. Two they produce audio Science Fiction and Fantasy. I like audio books and I love sf, so I want to support anyone who is supporting both of these. Lastly, anybody who calls themselves Buzzy Media deserves all the help that I can give them.

Affiliate programs cost you nothing. You sign up with them, put their ads on your blog or webpage, and collect money. The odds are you won’t collect much, so think of this as supporting the arts.

For us website owners and bloggers there is no cost, but for Buzzy there is some expense. BuzzyMedia uses the ShareASale system which is a $350 buy-in and they charge him $25 a month. BuzzyMedia has to sell a few hundred dollars worth of merchandise every month to make the system pay. My Amazon affiliate stuff on this blog grosses somewhere in between $25 or so a month (usually one or two books or CDs), which translates to less than $5 a month. Buzzy is going to have to pull in a few dozen partners like me to show a profit on this.

I am rooting for Buzzy, so everybody go sign up and get a banner for your websites. It will be a while before I make enough money to receive a payment, if ever, but I want them to stay in business long enough to get some cash. I will probably use any profit that I get to buy Audio books from them, anyway.

Affiliate Program – Buzzy Multimedia – Excellence in Science Fiction & Fantasy Audio Books