Paul Jessup Is Lurking in my Gmail Account

Who in the world is Paul Jessup and why is he on my gmail page?

I use for my personal mail. I find it extremely well thought out and useful. It is significantly faster than my AOL, Yahoo, or Onebox accounts. in particular is hard to use in comparison and I would drop it, but I receive so much mail there that I can’t do this.

There is a Gmail feature that shows your contacts on the left side. At the top of the list is Paul Jessup. After searching my gmail messages, I discovered that once, last year, I sent him a story for a magazine that he publishes. That is the only contact that I’ve ever had with him.

I have to look at the drawing on the left every time I use gmail. I ask you, is this right? I did nothing to deserve this. Sometimes there are cryptic comments along with the drawing. The comments have nothing to do with me, as far as I can tell.

I think that I can delete him from the contacts list, but this seems very drastic and final. I don’t dislike the person, I just don’t know him. I wish that he would stop haunting my web pages.

It just occurred to me that Paul Jessup is saying to himself, possibly this very minute, Who the hell is this Keith Graham character and why is he haunting my web pages?

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  1. pauljessup wrote:

    It’s not cryptic. They are excerpts from a novel in progress. Feel free to delete me from your address book if you so incline (and if it is bothering you that much).Or just turn off the chat feature in gmail.

    Friday, February 23, 2007 at 4:00 pm | Permalink