Free Name a Star

Last night my site,, registered 150 stars and I received 6 paid “extras”. This morning there have been about 80 registrations and a couple of “extras”. I did some investigation and found that I am being linked from several discussion boards that are generating the hits.

My evil plan to make a million on the internet is finally paying off. If things go well, I will be retiring to a cottage on a cliff on the coast of Maine this spring. My novel will come out about twenty years after that. Somehow, these things never seem to work out, but I have high hopes. is still in little pieces, but if the free-name-a-star thing doesn’t keep growing, I am undaunted, and I will place my hopes on GThread. Next year the MLB Magic Number sites will certainly make a million dollars. There is opportunity everywhere.

I will try to expand my Spec-Fic Christmas cards to Blues Christmas cards over the weekend. There you go! Another million dollar idea. I already have Howlin’ Wolf with a Santa hat.