Web Site Stats

I’ve noticed that my income from web pages is up about 40% over last year. Part of this is optimizing, part is new content, and part is higher payment rates. One part that I don’t understand is the large increase in traffic lately. I have not been thinking much about traffic growth. I say “son-of-a-gun” when I see the stats, but I just tallied things up for the servers that I use.

So far in November I have over ONE MILLION page views on my websites.

This is astounding to me. About 1/3 of that is spiders, but still that’s a lot of eyes. I get about 40,000 – 50,000 real people each day reading my harmonica stuff and even a few reading my fiction and listening to my audio stories. This website and blog are getting lots of page reads a day compared to a year ago. What’s with that? The advertising statistics don’t show this and they report only 25% of logged users. I guess that people use ad blockers or else the javascript is cached.

I still have lots of pages without ads on them and I have to go back and finish optimizing the more popular websites. PaperTheTown.com is starting to get hits, but the Yahoo ads pay squat. I have to fix that.