I received a comment on this blog entry: Synchronicity

Wind “Oak” Song said…

Here’s some synchronicity for you. My mother sent me this link she happened across while googling “synchronicity”
My name is Wind Song,aka Oak.
Randy Carnefix is my father.
I have forwarded him the link!
He now lives in Hayward,Ca. where he is involved in Theatre and Music. I hope the two of you can reconnect

Perhaps not synchronicity, but definitely serendipity. Randy and I lived next door to each other on Vine Street, Central Nyack. We walked to school every morning for years. We had many long discussions about the Whichness of What on summer evenings. We played deadly serious ping pong for long hours. We discovered Tolkien at the local book store. Randy turned me on to Sartre and the other existentialists, but luckily I survived. Randy was a big influence on my intellectual life.
I want to learn what happened to Randy as well as the rest of the family; Gary, Kathy and Debbie.