I am street legal again

About two weeks ago someone stole my side view mirrors off the truck. I nearly got killed driving home and then Ford wanted to charge me $500 for the replacements. I found some third party mirrors and installed them today. It took two hours for the first one and about 9 minutes for the second. I have the truck again, but I missed all the good junk at the side of the road for two weeks.

I drove Justine’s old 1988 Mercedes. It gets 20 miles to the gallon compared to the truck’s 16. I may keep using the Mercedes, even though it is not that comfortable.

Today I bought an original Lava Lamp at a garage sale for $1. I hope that my luck is changing.

Here’s a video. I took it sideways and used software to rotate it. This destoys the aspect ratio. You get an idea, though.