Monthly Archives: September 2006


I’ve got TWO stories up at The Martian Wave. Please check them out and then VOTE!!! If I get enough votes, I get the story in a “best of” book at the end of the year.

Site being spidered by spammers

I moved some message archives (111,000) messages to and I just noticed that the site is getting 40,000 hits a day for the last few days. The ip address in the logs indicates that it is the African Network Information Center who is accessing my site. I guess that they are skimming off emails. […]

Variable Star by Heinlein and Robinson

I received the new Spider Robinson/Heinlein book, Variable Star, in the mail and I am about 1/3 of the way through it. I read the end notes by Spider first. Spider writes that Heinlein did not make a real outline of the book and left only a few notes on the plot. What Heinlein did […]

Fooling with Bryce

I downloaded the free version of Byrce and the free version of Daz 3D studio. Unfortunately my stint as an engineering draftsman back in the 70’s limits my use of these tools to mere drafting. I have a half written story called “The Cold Men” about an invasion force sealed in bubbles and brought down […]

Picture of Keith Richards

I am forwarding the old website to John had an image of Keith Richards in one of his blog entries. John asked me to delete his blog, but now I am getting 20 to 30 hits a day on this picture from google image search. I decided to put the image on a […]

Goofy Class Pic

I started my Web Design class last week. I go again tonight. I took some pictures of the class. I wanted a goofy picture, but as you see, some of the students a little too self conscious to mug for the camera.This is an interesting problem. It is not a technical course. It is an […]

Scr***d again

I don’t know why I submitted to A&A. I knew it was bad as soon as I did it. So far, they have lost 3 out of 5 of my submissions. They are an upper tier (not pro, though) market and I want to break into the pro/semi-pro section of Ralan’s. The following appeared in […]

Bryce image

I sold a story to J at SamsDotPublishing about a concert in space. At the end the guitar player loses his fender tele and it falls to earth and is burned up in the atmosphere.While trying to learn Bryce, I decided that this was the kind of scene that bryce was good at. Since I […]