Apollo 11 – 37 years

Tyree reminded me what happened this week 37 years ago.

Summer of 69 I was working to get enough money to go to college. I missed things. I didn’t go to Woodstock because I couldn’t take off the time from work. I missed the live Lunar Landing because I was working overtime in a dark basement pulling wires as an electrician’s helper.

At the poker table the other night, Jim asked each of us what was out biggest regret in life. I have many, but wasting my time on a stupid job instead of going to Woodstock or watching Armstrong’s first steps were in the top ten.

I have a little list of things that I need to do. I want to meet some people while I can. I want to shake the hands of a few of my heroes. I want to be a witness to events that I care about.

I don’t want to have to watch stuff on TV that I could have been a part of.

I don’t want to add another regret to the list.

But, here I am, in a little cubicle in the middle of a big room, trying to look busy doing stuff I don’t care about because I can’t afford not to.

Apollo 11