Polhemus Mill

This is a poster of the Polhemus Mill that was put up down at the West Nyack Post office. The Polhemus family live on Germonds Road, West Nyack, a few hundred feet from my house. They had a dam on the Germonds Creek. I am a direct descendent from Theosophus Polhemus who came the New World in the middle 1600s. The Mill was owned by my family until a a hundred years or so ago. I didn’t know this when I moved into the house.
The first Polhemus’s came on the St. Catarina, known as the Jewish Mayflower from Brazil. Theosophus was a calvanist minister and he and his wife were kicked out of Brazil when the colony got rid of all the non-catholics.
An interesting thing is that the picture was made by Lewis Stockmeyer, who lived across the street from my mother when she was a little girl. I remember Mr. Stockmeyer showing me his pictures when I was a little boy and we went to visit.


  1. E.Jim Shannon wrote:

    What a great pic.

    I don’t know if you ever watched the show “Lovejoy mysteries” Ian McShane, but that pic reminded me of a episode where Lovejoy had an encounter with the villain in an old mill like your photo searching for Roman coins. I thinking the photo would look better if it was a winter scene. Thanks for posting it.


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  2. J Erwine wrote:

    Reminds me of some places I used to visit as a kid in Southern Ohio.

    Thanks for the memories…now if I could just find the time to write them down, maybe they’d turn into something…

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