Free Name a Star

I’ve finished setting up my latest get rich slow scheme. lets you register a star name (I scarfed the Smithsonian’s star catalog) and then print out a certificate, just like my site.

On the original NameAGalaxy site I am doing about 5 new galaxies a day, and most people find the site through search engines looking for free name a star. I guess that nameagalaxy is a second rate alternative to the actual free name-a-star site that they are looking for, so I am giving the people what they want. This time I am charging for extras so we’ll see if I make any money.

Also, I have copied Nasa’s Near Earth Object catalog and I will think about making a Name-A-NEO site where people can give names to the asteroids that are likely to wipe out all life on earth someday. (other ideas – name-a-wild-wolf, name-a-tree, name-a-lost-kitten, name-a-nuke, name-a-congressman…)

Free Name a Star: “There are zillions of stars out there. Why pay for one? has set aside a large set of stars. You can register a star name for free.”

This project was very satisfying. It had medium complexity. It required some fancy programming to get the PayPal system to work. I am creating PDF files on the fly, very quickly – cool! I even used a free website template to give it that certain look. It has a “designed by a professionals” look that announces to the world that you asked a creative person to spend 5 minutes making a template that looks like every other template out there.

I have not written any spec-fic in months. I get my creative high from programming and web sites. I find programming akin to writing poetry. I use universal symbols arranged in new and fascinating ways. Completing an on-line system is like finishing a short story. I get that same satisfaction. Also, I don’t get rejection letters.