Variable Star: Robert A. Heinlein,Spider Robinson

Spider Robinson has delivered the book he wrote based on Heinlein’s notes from 1955. Spider writes very much like Heinlein so this should be an interesting read. I have pre-ordered it at Amazon. Variable Star: Robert A. Heinlein,Spider Robinson

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  1. Lady Sekhmet wrote:

    Cheers for Spider, and for you for getting this fascinating bit of info to us. I hope it sells a million for Spider – he is a great guy.
    Here is a question I have been meaning to ask you; when you were posting on the late Astounding Tales about how to get your computer to record sound, you named a program, reportedly free, which is needed. Duh, what is that name again? (I found my microphone and Goldy connected it to the sound card, so with the program in hand….who knows what may happen?
    Thanks in advance.
    — Jean

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