Subs ‘n Rejs

After a long discussion with Arthur, I rewrote and resubbed my Gemlins Over Normandy story to The Harrow. They liked it and may buy it. I wrote this story for a historical specfic zine and it killed them. There are a some sites that like historical fantasy, but I never had the confidence in this story to send it out. It was too short (1900 words) and too simple. Brainstorming with Arthur gave me a few new ideas an I added 500 words to the story. I think that it’s a much tighter piece now. If The Harrow won’t finalize on it, I’ll try Tyree.

I have been subbing orphan stories to Baen. I sent them one of my all time favorites, The Break Out, but got the standard form response. I wonder what it takes to get them to look twice at a story? I am suspicious that they are full and are returning just about everything without doing more than looking at the author’s name and the first paragraph. I’m going to run them through every story that I’ve ever written, though. I’ll learn them the danger of having a three day response time.