Crystal Fusion

Portable fusion generator. It does not generate electricity, but neutrons. It could be used as a clean neutron source for medical imaging, but it has the potential of being a power source.
I remember seeing an “integrated circuit” hobby kit at an electronics store when I was a kid. The IC was about an inch long and had a couple of transistors embedded in a plastic lump. Now an IC can have millions of transistors. Now lets extend the development of this clunky device a few years to a gid of carbon nanotubes filled with deuterium embedded in a crystal matrix. Put a few milliamps across the ends of a centimeter cube and the surface to surface voltage jumps to 10V at 10 amps – enough to light a 100 wat bulb.
You laugh? We’ll see. It will be a tiny device like this that solves our oil woes.
RPI: News & Information – “Double Crystal Fusion” Could Pave the Way for Portable Device