Ollie soon to be Famous

Valley Cottage Animal Hospital has asked us to provide some pictures so that Ollie can be featured on their website. Here is what I wrote up.

After loosing two beloved cats to cancer in quick succession, we adopted from the pound two kittens, Gracie a small gray tabby girl and Ollie. Ollie, a bright orange tabby boy, was a sweet little fellow with a sweet temperament. We did not have him more than a few days, though, when he got very sick.
The vets at the Valley Cottage Animal Hospital quickly diagnosed the little fellow with Feline Panleukopenia, a highly infectious viral disease of cats. They warned us that the little kitten would probably not survive. Ollie was extremely ill. He was loosing blood from the damage the disease did to the lining of his intestines.
VCAH vets arranged that Ollie would receive around the clock care and blood transfusions from a heroic donor cat who often comes to the aid of sick cats at the hospital.
When we brought Ollie home, he could not stand up and we had to feed him with an eyedropper. Little by little, the little orange kitten recovered.
Today, Ollie is an active and curious 3 year old and is extremely affectionate. He demands to sit on our laps and sleeps curled up against us at night. He is smaller than his other cat friends, but he makes up for it with a big personality.

Here are some pictures of Ollie. None of them captures his smile, although his manic personality comes through loud and clear.